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Yash Paturkar

Life Coach

Personal development field has always attracted me since childhood and I started reading self-development books from a very early age. As a child I used to note down any self-improvement quotes whenever I come across one that has an impact on me. Self-development for me is the conscious pursuit of personal growth by improving personal skills, knowledge and talents. Never knew that those were my incantations and were taking me closer to my ultimate  purpose.

I was famous with the name of ‘Daddi Amma’ (Grandmother) in my family as I always had a view of my own and suggestions to manage the situation, even if it was not related to me in any shape or form :-). My elder cousins and friends wanted to talk to me to share their challenging situations as I had a different perspective of looking at those and providing a positive lookout to manage it or leading them to the right direction. My innate inclination towards coaching was always there and it gave me a sense of purpose and satisfaction whenever I was able to help them.

I have always strived harder and higher to succeed and move ahead in my own life. I have paved my way on my terms and against typical social stereotypes. I also faced very challenging times, had my share of ups and downs in my life.  I believe life is a continuous learning process and not a one time job, either you are growing or fading, you can’t stay at same position so the question is : In which direction your growth is upwards or downwards. I was growing well in the corporate ladder as a career oriented women would be striving for thus worked smarter and harder to go up in the banking industry. Accepting ‘No’ for what I want, was not in my dictionary, being an average was not in my books ever.

Side by side my hustle of Life coach and my continuous work on myself was going on and it became clear that coaching is my true passion. The satisfaction and fulfilment I started getting by coaching my clients was incomparable and I took on coaching as a full time profession later so that I can help many other people overcome their fears and limiting beliefs and strive for higher in life, don’t get settled when you know you can do more. Since then there is no looking back and I have helped numerous people in my journey so far. I help them unblock their self limiting beliefs consciously and unconsciously and support them in their journey of transitioning from a cocoon into a beautiful human being. Every time I help someone, I feel so humbled and full of gratitude to serve them.

Thank you to all beautiful souls.

As a Life coach with expertise in relationships and pre/post natal coaching I can help if you want :


I help people overcome anxiety fear, doubts and self limiting beliefs. Empower people to build confidence and clarity inline with their vision

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